Deeplight assisted the customer to complete the Japan Metrology Certification

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1. What is the Japanese household metrology certification? Is this certification mandatory?
 As the name implies, it is a household instrument with a measuring scale, such as thermometers, weight scales, baby scales, and kitchen scales. Weight scales, baby scales, kitchen scales and other products must be tested and obtained in accordance with relevant Japanese testing standards before they can be sold before they are sold in Japan. Therefore, it is a compulsory certification.
2. What items are tested by Japan Electronic Weighing Scale?
The test content involves: accuracy test, impact test, repeat test, stability test, etc.

、 Japanese electronic scale 
metrology test certification requirements on labels, how to make labels?
 The following content should generally appear on the label: "正MARK" LOGO: must be affixed to the product, and the size is not less than 0.8 cm. (Generally, laser printing is used to print on the glass surface on the front of the scale. Even if a paper label is used, it must be a waterproof sticker that is not easy to damage and fall)
4.What is the Japanese metrology certification process for electronic scales?
1). Negotiate business with Deeplight and fill in the application form.
2). The Deeplight pre-test in accordance with relevant standards.
3). If the pre-test is passed (if the pre-test is not passed, it will be rectified and re-tested), then a formal test will be carried out.
4). Completion of test certification and notification of export to Japan.

. Japan metrology certification time of scales and handling of illegal sales of products
1). The test certification cycle is generally 4-6 weeks
2). The maximum fine of 500,000 yen and the penalty of deduction for products sold without testing and certification
3). If the product fails to bear the certification logo as required, a fine of less than 300,000 yen will be imposed

6. What information is required for metrology certification of household meters in Japan
1). Japanese manual
2). Certification label, product label paper and documents
3). 5 samples

light can conduct pre-tests for customers’ products in accordance with Japanese metrology testing standards, and assist customers in making labels that comply with Japanese regulatory requirements. We have successfully obtained Japanese metrology certification " MARK" certification for many metering manufacturers and distributors. 
At the same time, we can also complete a series of Japanese certifications such as Japan Radio Law, Japan Telecommunications Law, Japan Diamond PSE, Japan PSC, PSE filing, Japanese operator certification,Amazon Japan site violation and compliance testing and certification.