Deeplight assists a chip manufacturer to complete the Reassessment of Bluetooth protocol Controller and Host

Time:2022-12-20 Views:921

Bluetooth Reassessment test is a rare project, one is limited by the small number of chip companies doing test certification, and the other is limited by the team with experience,the test will also involve the Bluetooth protocol layer.

Bluetooth sDoc certificate screenshot
In the whole process, thanks to the efforts of the technicians of both parties, according to the test requirements of the latest TCRL-2021, we tested all the mandatory case generated on the Testplan, and located the Event items that failed in the signaling interaction process against the test standards.

After several rounds of testing and debug cycles,confirming that all the mandatory test case have passed, the test log is finally submitted, and after being approved, QDID is locked again, and published in Bluetooth SIG official website,successfully complete the whole project.

Test cases list
The Bluetooth chip, as a key component of the Bluetooth industry chain, most of the certification type choices is ’Component’, and can be combined by downstream end products companies to form a their own QDID. However, the validity period of Component is limited, usually 3 years, and it needs to be Reassessment after 3 years.
The process is exactly the same as a new chip, but the only small difference is that the test case is a little less than the new chip, and the DID fee does not have to be paid again.