Deeplight Assists Famous IOT Enterprises in Completing Verizon Testing and Certification for North American Operators

Time:2023-07-17 Views:721
  As one of the most important operators in North America, Verizon is known for its complex and detailed certification process, and requires that all connected products must apply for the company‘s certification, with strict control over the IMEI of equipment.

Through the joint efforts of both parties, the project has gone through several months of multiple testing, repeatedly resolving bugs and debugs, continuously processing critical equipment environment configuration steps, and ultimately completing all testing projects, obtaining permission from the operator Verizon.

  The testing and certification of North American operators have different requirements compared to PTCRB/GCF. PTCRB/GCF is more based on the simulation environment of the laboratory, and consistency is verified through instruments. The testing and certification of operators is more inclined towards real-world usage scenarios.

What to pay attention to when applying for an operator: carefully determine your product specifications in advance, finalize wireless technology specifications that meet the operator‘s requirements, and make a budget and schedule for expenses.

  Deeplight can synchronously complete multiple operator testing and certification, from regulations to industry regulations to enterprise compliance, and can assist customers in completing multinational operator projects. Welcome to contact us for communication.