Deeplight | 3G/4G/NB-IOT/CAT M/5G SA NSA Real Mobile Network-Interconnection Measurement Service

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The test based on test equipment and base station simulator can not meet the requirements of real network test and verification. Want to match all kinds of 4G5G NSA-SA bands and network configurations on the networks of major operators around the world?

OK, Deeplight can satisfy these requirements, can provide real mobile communication base stations with the frequency band to be verified + base station configuration + software version actually used by global operators for terminal equipment testing and verification.

1. What services can we offer to you?
(1) the output based on the real network base station signal test can accelerate the development of new equipment or application.

(2) the verification by connecting to the real network environment can ensure the user experience after the product is released.

(3) Global connection certification service can help enterprises to achieve transnational product release and sales.

(4) the problems found in the outfield test can be reproduced.

(5) the test is carried out in advance based on the latest features and new services of 5G network, which paves the way for the future business development of enterprises.

(6) verify the interoperability of different global mainstream network environments.

(7) provide fully configurable wireless devices, including base station collocation and software used by the latest operators, frequency band collocation, etc.

(8) the latest network features and services can be provided before formal commercial use.

(9) build private and exclusive mobile network base stations for customer testing and verification.

2. Provide actual base station signal test verification for 4G5G SA terminal.

—Inactivity / Idle mode test

—Authentication & Security

—Bearer Setup Handling

—Link Adaptation

—User Data Transmission

—Mobility:Intra gNBNR,Intra eNBLTE


—Carrier Aggregation (6LTE+1NR) –19.Q4

—VoLTE (IMS) + Mobility

—Push To Talk (PTT)

—Application test

—Voice over NR

—Emergency Call over NR

—5G Stand-alone

3. Car companies, automotive electronic parts, etc., front loading networking (Tbox) test services.
-European eCALL emergency call field prediction test

-Assist customers to find RootCause through professional testing and analysis

-Establish a good cooperative relationship, and cooperate with the OEM to complete various tests and verification

-Connectivity test: roaming, wake-up.

-performance optimization. wake-up success rate and drop rate.

-eCall,eSIM integration testing service

4. Situations that are suitable for the above terminal devices and applicable scenarios. 
(1) Equipment analysis service

(2) Global certification and testing services

(3) UAV testing

(4) Access security testing and certification

(5) Internet of Vehicles test

(6) Mobile network leasing

(7) Internet of Things device IOT test

(8) Real-network testing of smart phones and intelligent devices

(9) 5G network and equipment testing

(10) Application testing

(11) Communication modules, chip manufacturers, auto parts

Welcome to contact Deeplight about 3G/4G/NB-IOT/CAT M/5G SA NSA communication mobile network, interconnection measurement service. We can test according to your test case, or give the test case according to your product for you to choose from.