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Deeplight Technology Co.,Ltd-Google EDLA testing actual project experience sharing and Google EDLA certification detailed process

Time:2023-12-01 Views:888
1. Are Google Android system devices certified by MADA or EDLA? What is the difference between EDLA and MADA?

Before understanding the difference between EDLA and MADA, we need to first understand the meaning of these two agreements.

EDLA is Enterprise Device Licensing Agreeement.

First of all, a simple analysis from the literal point of view. One of the highlights of the enterprise equipment license agreement is the enterprise. This enterprise generally refers to the final audience of the shipment as an enterprise or company, not an individual.

MADA-Mobile Application Distribution Agreement.

The mobile application distribution agreement is a mobile device. For a device to be mobile, two conditions are required. One is that the device is relatively small and the screen is smaller than 18 inches. Another condition is that it comes with batteries. Therefore, representative devices using the MADA protocol include mobile phones and tablets.

To summarize briefly, how to determine whether a device applies for EDLA or MADA? That is, whether the device has a battery, whether the device screen exceeds 18 inches, and whether the device is ultimately sold to a company or an individual.

2. What is EDLA authorization and what is MADA authorization?

EDLA or MADA authorization refers to Sublicense. Authorization is conditional. Basically, equipment developed or produced by the OEM can obtain this authorization. Without this authorization, the equipment cannot be certified.

3. EDLA certification process

(1)First confirm the business cooperation and pay the advance payment to start the project.

(2)Prepare to send 8-10 prototypes, install GMS software, and adjust the prototypes.
(The prototype must have a touch screen, microphone, speakers, at least 3G memory, USB or TypeC port, and can be connected to adb for debugging)

(3)After the customer gets the Sublicense, he applies to open the whitelist and Google KEY, and we start GMS pre-testing.

(4)After the prediction is completed, the customer debugs, and our company retests until all bugs are completed. (Our company does not limit the number of rectifications)

(5)Send it to the 3PL for final testing. After the 3PL test passes, submit it to Google for approval and the certification is completed. (Deeplight Standard assists customers in completing the entire project until final approval is obtained)

All kinds of Android devices need to apply for Google GMS certification. You can contact us in advance. We will evaluate in detail whether the product meets Google‘s requirements and confirm the type of EDLA or MADA agreement you need to apply for.
We have assisted many listed companies in China and other countries to complete Google EDLA certification and have rich project experience. Welcome to contact us to inquire about Google EDLA certification.
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