Introduction and definition types of North American operator T-mobile and its Certification rating

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T-mobile certification if for the finished product, there is an advantage that you can choose T-mobile certified module or chip. If the product use chip or module is not certified, the test volume and test time will be more than the use of certification.

In addition, T-mobile certification carries on the hierarchical management to the product certification.
There are two types of certification: non-stock certification and stock certification.
According to the technical specifications of the products are classified as: IOT product certification, mobile phone tablet certification, router modem hot spots, wearable products. 
For the current hot IOT products, only data function, wireless communication system is divided into NB-IOT (NB1 or NB2), LTE Cat.M1,LTE Cat.1, as a category; LTE Cat greater than 1 is divided into two categories, such as routers and other LTE Cat 4 products; the first category can be applied according to T-mobile 468 certification type.
Common IOT products defined by T-mobile certification are below.
Home Use Control Products Home Security Connection Products,
Automotive Wireless Connectivity Products,
Asset-management-based tracking products,
Smart City,
Agricultural solutions,
Products for industrial use, etc.

For the requirements of T-mobile certification, no matter which category it is, there are only three ultimate goals of T-mobile.
1. Ensure that the product will not harm the network security of T-mobile, which will have detailed technical requirements in the certification process.
2. Ensure that the product will not harm the personal safety of the customers of T-mobile.
3, Meet the requirements of T-mobile equipment management, to put it bluntly, the product wireless technology performance is superior.

Common tests for T-mobile 4G products include
Site Test_CAT1
Site Test_CAT-M
Site Test_GSM
Site Test_IPV6
Site Test_LTE
Site Test_NB-IoT
Functionality LTE
Protocol_network connection
SIM card
When applying for T-mobile certification, you need to inform the detailed technical specifications of the product.
Such as product release version,
Frequency and quantity,
The category of data,
The antenna number,
The carrier aggregation ENDC,
The hardware and software version number,
The firmware version number,
Module type,
The chip etc. 

There are many very detailed wireless parameters for T-mobile evaluation to give a test list.

Deeplight can help customers select modules or chip sets that meet the T-mobile certification and their frequency band combinations. You are welcome to consult the deep light standard technology North American operator T-mobile certification.