What exactly are the 4G field tests certified by GCF testing?

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An important test content of GCF test is field test, referred to as FT. Both chipset, module and finished product should be verified in GCF certification.

The field test mainly carries out some functional tests, which are generally selected in several major European cities and several common operator networks for interconnection tests.The test certification documentation requirement is GCF-CC and the test specification is conducted according to the Devices Field and Lab Test Guidelines of the GSMA Association.

The following is the latest GCF field test version requirement V.37 as an example to see the 4G test content:

1. The GCF field measurement content of 4G:

1, System access and registration of SYSTEM ACCESS & REGISTRATION
Verify that the device DUT can successfully connect, register, perform verification, network roaming, area update, etc.

2. Mobility test: Mobility Test
The device DUT shall perform road test tests along the expected route, with common carrier aggregation testing and mobile management, and the device shall perform reselection and switching without losing service.
3, the PS data test for PS DATA
Group data exchange test, common data session connection management request, browser function, FTP, fixed data performance, and other tests related to group data.

4, Voice test E-UTRA Voice
Conduct voice related tests, such as voice call in, voice call feedback, emergency call, etc.

5, the short message test for SMS over E-UTRA
In SGs for SMS MMS sending and receiving operation, SGs is the LTE core network MME unit and 2G MSC server unit, connected to the 2G short message service, MO MT SMS and MO MT MMS over SGs.

6, data retry DATA RETRY
UE authentication network fails, network cannot assign IPv6 address to Internet PDN 46, network receives retry test etc.
The above is a brief introduction to the GCF testing content of 4G devices. Welcome to inquire about the GCF certification of Deeplight Standard Technology or GCF field testing issues.