10 Versions of Google‘s GMS Test and Certification Programme Completed at Deeplight Technology

Time:2024-06-04 Views:177

In this project, there are many test versions and prototypes, and the testing period is tight, due to the number of prototypes is not enough to meet the parallel testing of 10 versions of multiple products at the same time, we decided to use the existing prototype after several rounds of meetings with the customer, using the stacked test method, to complete the basic ROW version, the EEA version, and the Russia version, so as to reduce the number of bugs in the version, and achieve the purpose of accelerating the project progress. This will reduce the number of bugs and speed up the project progress.

The whole project lasted half a year, the process in both sides of the technical staff efforts, in accordance with the project node schedule developed in the meeting, the technical staff work overtime to shorten the time of each prediction and accelerate the verification of the results of the bug processing, the customer company‘s technical staff timely cooperation to solve the bugs appeared in the testing process of our company, and ultimately in the version of the deadline before the completion of the certification of all models, the following is the Google The following is the screenshot of Google‘s partially certified approval.

ROW Approval Screenshot

EEA Approval Screenshot

Russia Approval Screenshot

The benefits of setting up GMS testing and certification through Google are:

1. Make the product Android system and GMS suite have good compatibility, stability, smoothness, prove that the product has reliable quality, enhance the competitiveness of the product.

2.Legitimate use of Google‘s various kinds of various applications, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Photos and other applications ecology.

3. Android brand logo can be used.

4. Products can enter the big stores in Europe and the United States.

5. Avoid the device being regarded as illegal device and using Google apps pop-up window can not be used normally.

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