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WIFI Alliance Certification

Time:2022-06-13 Views:1087

1. What is the WIFI Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance (full name: International Wi-Fi Alliance), English: Wi-Fi Alliance, WFA), is a business alliance with the trademark of Wi-Fi. Responsible for Wi-Fi certification and trademark authorization. The Wi-Fi certificate is issued by the Wi-Fi Union. Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Fidelity) is the standard of wireless LAN interoperability. Only when the manufacturer‘s products can fully meet the Wi-Fi standard and pass the Wi-Fi certification can they get the WIFI logo.

It is mainly aimed at several Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n working modes, usually using 2.4 GUHF or 5G SHF ISM RF frequency band. Including smartphones, appliances, computers and peripherals, network infrastructure and consumer electronics.

2. WIFI Alliance certification test what content

1) Interoperability

Verify the connectivity of the test equipment and the standard equipment of different chip manufacturers.

2) throughput

The test case defines the user scenarios and throughput limit requirements of different working modes, such as single-user, multi-user and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, to investigate the throughput performance of the tested equipment.

3) Agreement consistency

Withdrawal mechanism.

Encryption mode (WPA 2-AES, WPA-TKIP, WEP).

802.11n Protection measures of equipment for 802.11b and g equipment, and protection measures of 802.11g equipment for 802.11b equipment.

802.11n Agreement.

3. The WIFI Consortium certification process

1. Prequalification: Please provide the company‘s web page and the main contact information (address, landline, mobile phone, email-email suffix address should be associated with the company‘s web page address). It is generally submitted online.

2. After the pre-examination, the headquarters will send the membership application form directly to the main contact person of the company. The application is submitted online. Need to be sent to the board of directors for approval after receiving, generally about 3 working days can reply.

3. After the application is approved, the alliance headquarters will send the membership fee invoice and several relevant prescribed documents (mainly IPR Agreement), and the agreement documents should be signed and sealed back (the electronic file scan can be submitted online). Invoice Please arrange a wire transfer to the American League account as soon as possible. After the confirmation, the procedure is basically completed.

4. After becoming a member, apply for CID online and apply for testing.

5. Arrange the test, and review the test report.

6. Issuing certificates

4. WIFI Alliance membership fees

WIFI Alliance membership before WIFI certification testing

1) Contributor

Companies that want to influence the direction of the Wi-Fi industry and develop many Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products, $20,000 per year, with new members on a quarterly basis. Subsidiaries may also benefit from participating in developing, testing, and certification products, participating in the marketing, technology, and regulatory task force, and voting to monitor the development plan.

2) Implementer

$5,150 / year, which applies to companies that want to adopt certified solutions in their products and use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brand. Use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and brand, obtain the final file, without modification, use the Wi-Fi module certified by another member company, and use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and brand to obtain the final file

5. The WIFI Alliance test and certification cycle

The test cycle is usually around 4 weeks

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