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Micro-power products ELP certification in Japan

Time:2022-06-13 Views:1034
Wireless charging products are becoming more and more popular now. What certification do you need to do to export wireless charging products to Japan?

       Japanese Telec certification? Japanese MIC certification? Japanese jate certification? Japanese PSE certification?

       All should take it into account! You should also consider another certification called Japan ELP!

      Is it just a wireless charging product? No!

      All products that can emit electromagnetic wave signals, and cover a certain frequency less than 3 THz, in addition to specific wireless devices, products need to be considered in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations to apply for registration of Japan ELP certification, deep light standard technology has completed the Japanese ELP certification for a number of enterprises, covering wireless charging products, car wireless devices and other devices.

      Which are specific wireless devices? Bluetooth, WIFI, zigbee, wireless microphone, UWB ultra-wideband products, 2G3G4G5GNB-IOTCAT M and other products.

      In December 2014, the "radio policy vision roundtable" in the final report, although radio output exceeds the standard as weak wireless equipment, but it is sold in the name of weak wireless equipment and its wireless, increasing in the case of interference, and when the user buy weak wireless equipment, can easily determine whether wireless equipment meet the weak wireless equipment technical standards of the law. So Japan establishes a mechanism (in terms of "weak fit marking").

      The mark value of the weak wireless equipment is shown in the following figure, and the mark value is the level shown by the field strength at a distance of 3 meters from the radio equipment.
      Under this registration certification requirements, conduct a fair test, if it meets the technical standards for weak wireless devices, the "weak wireless compatibility mark (Japan ELP Certification)" will be displayed, as follows. 

The registration process of micro-power Japan ELP certification is as follows.

     If you belong to the specific wireless devices mentioned above, you can simply apply for Japanese radio wave law certification, and if you do not belong to specific wireless devices, you need to apply for ELP certification. Welcome to consult the deep light standard technology, can complete a series of Japanese related certification for you.